breakfast meal preps

5 Breakfest Meal Preps

Are you the type of person who skips breakfast because you think you don’t have the time? Well here are a few fast breakfast ideas to help jump start your macros for the day.

Preparing your meals is one of the most important aspects of achieving a healthy balanced diet. Knowing what to eat, how much to eat, and when to eat are critical points to a well-balanced diet; however, these critical points are often over looked and/or ignored because of our busy schedules.

Hard Boiled Eggs

The nice thing about hard-boiled eggs are they are easy to make. Not to mention they take no time at all to prepare. You can have a dozen eggs hard-boiled in the time it takes to watch The Big Bang Theory.

How do you make hard-boiled eggs taste better? I am glad you asked; one word. Sirracha!

breakfast meal prep ideasMini Fritattas

What the heck is a frittata? It’s cross between a little bit of heaven and deliciousness! If you don’t know what a frittata is then; who are you? You better ask somebody!

Take a scrambled egg and you can mix in chopped, cooked vegetables, cheese, herbs—anything you like.

You can even make a variety within the same batch to please different family members. Take them out of the pan and store in a covered container in the fridge, then heat up one or two each morning.

breakfast meal prep ideasGrains

There is a variety of options of whole grains out there. Whole grains such as oatmeal is a fantastic economical way to break in your day. Personally, I am a fan of the steel cut grains. I add some warm water, stevia/brown sugar, walnuts, and cinnamon. Nuke it for a couple minutes and Boom, breakfast is served!

Make oat meal a staple in your morning diet and you will feel satiated longer and have more energy throughout the day.

breakfast meal prep ideasSmoothies

Smoothies are a doubled edged sword so be careful. On one hand they are packed with nutrients, and on the other they are packed with sugar. Smoothies should be measured out and pre-prepped.

I’ve found by taking a red solo cup and filling it with your favorite fruits/veges and milk/almond milk. Keep them in the freezer for future use and pop them in the blender when ready.

If you didn’t know red solo cups have measuring lines to keep from over doing it.

breakfast meal prep ideasLeftovers

Leftovers in the morning can be a great way to not waste food. All you need is an over easy egg and a little tabasco and you are ready to get down!

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