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How to Calculate Macros

By Contributing Author Albert Lamas, Jr. NSCA®, CPT®

There are definitely many schools of thought on macronutrients (macros) breakdown and how to calculate macros. Athletes, physique competitors, someone who is trying to lean out, and/or someone who is trying to add muscle; should all have different macros goals.

In a nutshell calculating macros is going to be different depending on you and your lifestyle goals.

I’ve been certified for a couple of years now, and what I have learned is to keep it simple. One way of staying compliant and calculating macros is ditching the measuring cups and using the ‘handful method.’ Below is an info-graphic that I made for our athletes/clients to refer to. It’s just a part of what I give them to drive the nutrition home.

Handful Method


Obviously if you have specific goals besides losing body fat, the macros would have to be tweaked as I said above. By simplifying things for people, especially nutrition, it makes it easier to follow and thus results happen.

Create Good Habits

If someone has to carry a set of measurement cups they’ll usually revert back to bad habits. But your hands are usually with you wherever you go! The handful method is a good point to start from, once you can follow it for eight weeks or so, it starts to become habit. And that’s the goal!

If someone wants to change their physique, whether that’s gaining muscle, or losing fat, or just wants to feel better, it’s my job to change their habits, not just tell them what and what not to eat. Through my experiences, habits usually only change if it’s simplified and not complicated or a radical lifestyle change.

When people start to lose weight or start to gain a little muscle, and/or feel better, the natural progression is to start tweaking things for more specific goals. Which at that point we start talking specific macro and micro intake.

Start a Meal Plan

Achieving a healthy lifestyle does not require any special skill set. Just a desire to make a change and the appropriate combination of steps to take. Meal prep is one main component to achieving the results you are looking for and MacroStacks™ meal prep containers are designed specifically to assist you in achieving your goals.

Questions and Answers

You have questions or seem confused about your macronutrients? We have answers. Feel free to contact us in the comment section below, or you can visit us at our Facebook/Instagram page where we have a flourishing online community offering tips and best practices.

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