Pokemon HIIT Training as Cardio, or PokeCardio.

The newest craze amongst the world is Pokemon, and the odds are you most likely play the game yourself. Pokemon has 21 million active daily users, and it has been downloaded more times than Tinder… It’s so popular it’s believed it will have more users catching Pokemon on a daily basis, than people using Google Maps. It’s incredible. So whether you are open about playing Pokemon, a Closet Pokemon Player, or have not played.. Here is how you can take your newest obsession or your next hobby, to the next level as a term I’ve coined as a ‘PokeCardio’.

Indoor Cardio Sucks, do Pokemon Cardio or PokeCardio

best-pokemon-bike-mountThe concept is simple, change up your cardio sessions from hours on the Stair master inside the gym to riding your bike outdoors. As simple as that is, it takes a bit of preparation to get it right. Here is what I did. I pulled out my mountain bike, dusted it off and filled the tires back up. After I got my bike dialed in, I just needed a few upgrades so I can monitor my phone while I’m riding. This took me to amazon, where I found the perfect bike mount, to start this Pokemon cardio session or PokeCardio. Here is the bike mount I chose, mainly because it will fit any phone and it’s affordable. Here is a photo of it on my bike:


PokeCardio Safe & Smart

So now that we have a way to visually monitor Pokemon while we Pedal, we all know we shouldn’t be watching the screen while riding. So here is the configuration I used to safely get this done, while listening to music:

1. Open Spotify, turn on playlist of your choice and turn the volume down to about 50%.
2. Open PokemonGo, Turn off music in PokemonGo, but leave the sound effects on.
3. Plug in your head phones of choice, I just use the Apple Head Phones.

Strava-1The reasons I set it up this way: Hear Pokestops when you’re close enough, hear when you discover Pokemon, music is low enough so you can still enjoy it, while listening for Pokemon sound affects and still be aware of your surroundings. This simple set up gives you the ability to pay attention while you peddle, and be ready to make a quick stop when you find Pokestops and Pokemon. I even loaded up Strava to see exactly how far and how fast I pedal so I can go further and faster the next time, and properly track my progress.

Riding your bike, and making frequent stops, wait, what does this sound like? Is this High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) on auto pilot? Well, you can be the judge of that.

PokeCardio doesnt stop with Pedaling

This sounds great, right? Well here is the kicker. While you’re riding around, at every few of your stops, lets throw in some work outs. Find yourself a bench, or really anything you can get leverage on. Don’t be scared of the repetition amounts, and just do as many as you can each stop, try to do more the next stop. When you complete all the repetitions then it’s ok to start peddling home. Here are a few to get you started.

100 Repitions of Sit Ups

250 x Sit Ups
250 Repetitions of Sit Up

100 Repitions of Oblique Twists

250 Sets of Oblique Twists
250 Sets of Oblique Twists

100 Push Ups

250 Push Ups
250 Push Ups

100 Leg Lifts

250 Leg Lifts
250 Leg Lifts

So lets recap:

Step 1: Get your Bike Ready
Step 2: Order a Phone Bike Mount
Step 3: Configure your Sound Affects & Spotify
Step 4: Start up Strava to Track Progress
Step 5: Make Stops for Pokemon and Work Outs
Step 6: Go home

Eat Well, to Live Well

So, this was my first time doing this, i’m pretty sure it wont be my last. I hate cardio inside of the gym, and this seems like a solid replacement for it. To look back at the PokeCardio session, I caught a Pidgeot, Hatched a SlowPoke & a Psyduck, Pedaled 6.9 miles & did all those work outs. If you ask me, that’s a successful cardio session. This is all a general idea of what PokemonGo Cardio could be, i’m sure there are hundred of other exercises you could do instead of these, and I highly recommend doing them. Make a work out of your own, but all I know is, if you’re not incorporating a proper diet with meal preparation, all of this work and effort is a waste. So after this, look up a new meal plan and bag yourself some meal prep containers and get started.

And if you really are going to try this out, tag us on Instagram, we’d love to see it. Instagram: MacroStacks